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  • Ms. Neha Ballawar
    Secured admission to M.Sc.(Operations
    Research) in St. Stephan's College, Delhi
  • Ms. Karishma Arora
    Secured admission to M.Sc. (Operations
    Research) in Hindu College, Delhi
  • Saket Moon
    Pursuing Higher studies at
    Jawaharlal Nehru University , Delhi.
  • Avanika Gupta
    Pursuing P.G. in
    Political Science at RTMNU.
  • Mr. Anuj Tiwari
    (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Ph. D. Scholar (NIT - Rourkela)
  • Dhanashree Pillai, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Junior Research Fellow
    InStem, NCBS, Bangalore
  • Sujeet Bhoite, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph.D. Scholar
    University of Michigan, USA
  • Anupam Sharma, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    ACTREC, Mumbai
  • Snehal Raut, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, USA
  • Shweta Chhajed, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
  • Ankit Raghuwanshi, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Research Associate
    Lupin Ltd. Mumbai
  • Saurav Debnath, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Research Fellow
    Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hitesh Tikariha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Varsha Jha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Souradeep Panda, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Trainee Scientist at
    Bioserve Biotechnologies, Hyderabad
  • Payal Khulkhule, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Ankita Sherekar
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Bhavana Kohale
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Chaitali Kadu
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Devina Ganvir
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Associate, CSIR-NCL
  • Jinal Gandhi
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Mansi Baitule
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, Shrikhande Hospital, Nagpur
  • Naina Chhavani
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Asso., Quintal Technologies, Bengaluru
  • Nilima Sadavarte
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Faculty, SRV Global, Chennai
  • Rima Biswas
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Ms. Disha Murarka
    No Photo
    44th in order of merit, all India CA exa
  • Gaurav Shraogi
    No Photo
    1st in order of merit, all India CA exam
  • Ms. Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    7th in order of Merit, All India CA Exam
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Hislop Students Bring Laurels
  • Disha Murarka
    3rd Merit
    B.Com., RTMNU (2012-13)
  • Ms. Preksha Maloo (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Sunderlal Sahoo Gold Medal -2012
    Late Dr. Suresh Shankarrao Kaplay Gold Medal - 2012
  • Ms. Shweta Massey (M. Sc. Biochem)
    Dr. R.B. Pawar Gold Medal
  • Anshu Shrivastava
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2015 RTMNU
  • Ankit Raghuvanshi
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Jaya Singh
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Anuj Tiwari (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar Gold Medal
    for Securring Merit Position at University Level in 2014
  • Ninad Nagarkar (M. Sc. - Biochem)
    CSIR- NET - 2015
  • Priya Sharma (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar gold medal
    for securing merit position at University level - 2015
  • Rohan Gupta (M.Sc. Biochem)
    CSIR-NET -2014
  • Monica Hemrajani
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Rahuldev Mukherjee
    No Photo
    Best Dialog Award in a film “Badala Nazara” in Bombay Short Film Festival.
  • Dhruv Daga
    No Photo
    Fourth rank in All India CPT examination held by the ICAI in 2015. He is also Maharashtra State Topp
  • Radhika Anil Kedia
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Rinku Promod Shende
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Karan Jaswani
    No Photo
    Represented RTMNU in cricket
  • Rohan Sharma
    No Photo
    BCCI- U-19
Major/Minor Research Projects


 SN Department Investigator(s) Project Title Nature Agency Subm. Year Sanct. Year Total proposed / Sanct. amt. Compl. Year PDF
1 Physical Education & Sports Dr. (Ms) Kalpana V. Jadhav Awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst Players, Youth and Students Minor UGC 2013 2009 90,000/- 2013
2 Biochemistry Dr. Mashita Pise Comparative study of bioactivities of invitro produced saponins and natural saponins produced by Asparagus racemposus Major DST 2012 2009 14,33,000/ 2012
3 Biochemistry Dr. (Mrs.) Hema Job Prevalance of sickle cell trait in students of Hislop College Minor UGC 2012 2010 18,000/- 2012
4 Biotech Dr. Neelima Ratti Arbuscular Mycorrhyzxal fungal biotechnology for improvement of Rauwolfia serpentina and Withania somnifera with respect to their alkaloid content Major DST 2012 2009 Rs. 15,60, 2012
5 Biotech Dr. Mashitha Pise Comparative study of bioactivities of in-vitro produced saponins and naturally produced saponins of A. racemosus Major DST 2012 2009 Rs. 14,64, 2012
6 Biotech Dr. Deovrat Begde In vitro study of quorum-sensing and immunomodulatory activities of subtilin and nisin Major UGC 2010 2008 Rs. 1,20,0 2010
7 Biotech Dr. Sunita Bundale PCR screening of rare actinomycetes for anti-microbial and anti-tumor compounds Major DST 2017 2014 Rs. 21,60, 2017
8 Biotech Dr. Rajni Mishra Probiotic potential of anti-microbial peptide from Streptomyces salivarius: In vitro study Major DST 2016 2013 Rs. 22,10, 2016
9 Biotech Dr. Nandita Nashikkar Study of anti-quorum-sensing & immunomodulatory properties of Euphorbia spp. Extracts Major DST 2011 2008 Rs. 15,48, 2011
10 Botany Dr. Mousumi Bhowal Autelogical and Phytochemical study of few forage plants of Nagpur region Minor UGC 2009 2010 1,00,000/- 2012
11 Botany Dr. K J Cherian Contribution to physicochemical properties and pollen spectra of honeys produced in India Minor UGC 2008 2009 1,10,000/- 2011
12 Botany Dr. Mousumi Bhowal Exploration of Fossiliferous Localities of Central India covering Gondwana and Intertrappean Beds Minor UGC 2008 2008 80,000/- 2009
13 Botany Dr. R S Badere In vitro studies in Celosia cristata L. (Cockscomb) with reference to micropropagation Minor UGC 2009 2010 1,80,000/- 2012
14 Botany Dr. R S Badere Investigations on Induced Mutations in Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Major DAE 2009 2010 14,50,000/ 2014
15 Botany Dr. R S Badere Investigations on phenolic compounds accumulated by Indigofera species of Nagpur region Minor UGC 2008 2009 64,000/- 2010
16 Botany Dr. K J Cherian The impact of Biopesticide on different genotypes, Rice and Cajanas cajan Major UGC 2010 2011 6,14,000/- 2014
17 Commerce Dr. Harinder Kour "A comparative study of job satisfaction among working women with special reference to school teachers and bank employees in Nagpur city" Minor UGC 2013 90,000/- 2015
18 Commerce Dr. P.M. Navghare "analysis of Impact of Human Resource Development and level of Industrial production " A study with reference to MIDC Nagpur Minor UGC 2015
19 Commerce Dr. Razeka Khan "E-Banking New Face of Indian Banking Industry: Emerging Challenges and New Potentials" Minor UGC 2013 80,000/- 2015
20 Commerce Dr. Dini Menon An Analytical Study of the Working of Human Resources (Teaching & Non Teaching Staff) in Central Board of Secondary Education Schools in Nagpur City Minor UGC 2013 105000/- 2015
21 Commerce Ms. Sonal Agrawal Corporate Social Responsibility and its Societal Implications ( A case study with special ref to Nagpur division) Minor UGC --- 2013 85,000/- 2015
22 Commerce Mr. Mohan Anjankar Economic viability and feasibility of townships in and around Nagpur. Minor UGC --- 2012 110000/-
23 Commerce Dr. P.M. Navghare Organised Retail Sector and economic recession( Viability analysis of retail sector in Nagpur city 2005-009) Minor UGC 2011 2009 63,000 / - 2011
24 Commerce Mr. Hariom Puniyani Strategies for Financial Derivatives Trading for Retail Investors: A Case study of Nagpur Minor UGC --- 2012 115000/-
25 Commerce Dr. Dini Menon Study of pros and cons of internet use by teenagers (age 13-19 years) in Nagpur city Major IIPA 2014 350000/- 2015
26 Commerce , Mangement & Computers Dr. L. Deshmukh Separation --------- chromatography Minor UGC 2009 171000 2011
27 Commerce , Mangement & Computers Dr. H. Job, Ms. K. Tumane & Ms. B. Mehta To detect ------------------- India Minor UGC 2001 2009 18000 2012
28 Computer Science Dr. Abha S. Khandelwal S/w designing for instant evaluation of socioeconomic contribution of women engaged in various animal husbandry practices Minor UGC 2005 2006 71367/- 2008
29 English Dr P. Banerjee “A Study of the Origin & Development of the Campus Novel in English” Minor UGC 2013 2011 65000/- 2013
30 English Dr. A.Z. Mathew “Anxiety and Creative Writing: A Study of AK Ramanujan’s Black Hen Poems” Minor UGC 2012 2011 58,000/- 2013
31 English Ms. Veena Joseph “Application of Emotional Intelligence in Teaching English” Minor UGC 2013 2011 100000/- 2013
32 English Dr. S. Bhattacharyya “Translation of Abanindranath Tagore’s Lectures on Art & Aesthetics” Minor UGC 2013 2011 70000/- 2013
33 English Dr. L. J. Menachery Developing & Strengthening the Aural-oral skills of English in Non-english medium undergraduate (Arts) students using a blend of Audio-lingual & Communicative Approaches Minor UGC 2011 2009 25000/- 2011
34 Hindi Mr. Manohar Kumar " Mohan Rakesh ke Natakon mein Pratik Vidhan ka Anusheelan" Minor UGC 2013 2010 50,000/- 2013
35 Hindi Dr.Ms. A.R. Joseph "Swatantyottatr Hindi Upanyason mein Aadiwasi Chetna" Minor UGC 2013 2010 65,000/- 2013
36 Marathi Dr. Prashant S.Shelke Aadhunik Marathi KavitetilKhristiKavitechaPravah Minor UGC 2011 2012 55,000 /- 2015
37 Mathematics Dr. P. S. Muktibodh & R. K. Agrawal Some Explorations in the Field of Gravitational Collaspe Minor UGC 2009 2009 30,000/- 2011
38 Philosophy Dr. Vandana C. Ghushe Astik va Nastik Darshanatil Anuman Vichar Minor UGC 2009 2009 1,00,000/- 2012
39 Physics and Electronics Dr. A. Yoel Electrical, structural and transport studies of chemically blended amino resins. Minor UGC August 201 2010 Rs.1, 45,
40 Physics and Electronics Dr. Thomas Philip Studies on structural and electrical properties of LiMn2O2 spinal material doped with transition and non- transition Material Minor UGC September 2008 Rs. 55,000 2010
41 Political-Science Mrs. Alpana Vaidya Analytical Study of Landmark Administrative Reforms in India Since Independence Minor UGC 2012 2010 1,15,000/- 2012
42 Political-Science Dr. (Mrs.) Anjali Gaidhane Democracy and Development in India w.r.t. Government sponsored schemes with special reference to Public Distribution System Minor UGC 2014 2012 1,00,000/- 2014
43 Political-Science Dr. (Mrs.) Anjali Gaidhane Understanding Narmada Dam Controversy (Pro Dam and Anti and its socio-economic cost benefit analysis Minor UGC 2011 2009 80,000/- 2011
44 Psychology Dr. H. B. Yawalikar Development of Self Concept among Urban and Rural Adolescence Minor UGC 2010 2008 50, 000/- 2010
45 Psychology Dr. M. A. Singh Effect of Music on Minor UGC 2012 2010 60,000/- 2012
46 Psychology Dr. (Ms.) D.R. Christian Learning Style and Educational Preference of College Students in Professional and non-professional Courses: An Exploratory Study Minor UGC 2011 2011 90,000/- 2014
47 Statistics Dr. Mrs. Jyoti Shiwalkar Study of Stress Level of Primary School Teachers in Nagpur district Minor UGC 2011 2009 60000/- 2011
48 Zoology (UG/PG) Dr. R.J. Andrew Control of mosquito population in domestic water storage containers by the dragonfly larvae. Minor UGC 2000 1997 2000
49 Zoology (UG/PG) Dr. D. Jamwal Effect of natural insectistatics nem oil on the male reproductive system. Minor UGC 2012 2010 2012
50 Zoology (UG/PG) Dr. R.J. Andrew Effect of paper mill effluent on the digestive, reproductive and endocrine system, haemolymph metabolites and metamorphosis of dragonfly nymph Minor UGC 2010 2008 2010
51 Zoology (UG/PG) Dr. R.J. Andrew & Prof. D.B. Tembhare Hormonal control of Synthesis of some bee products in the honeybee, Apis cerana indica Minor UGC 2014 2011 2014
52 Zoology (UG/PG) Dr. R.J. Andrew Studies on some biological systems of the mosquito predator Bradinopyga geminata Minor UGC 2006 2003 2006
53 of Sociology Mr. S. R. Bhushan A study of the Problems and prospects aged in slum of Nagpur city. Minor UGC 2006 2004 31,000 2006
54 of Sociology Mr. S. Vijay Kumar Globalization and its consequences on women in unorganized sector: A sociological study in Nagpur city. Minor UGC 2010 2010 70,000/- 2012
55 of Sociology Dr. S. V. Lanjewar Kautombik Hinsacharacha Strya va mulinwar honara parinam Minor UGC 2008 2008 67,000/- 2010
56 of Sociology Mr. Ajay I. Choudhary Neo-Bhidhist Identity: Women perception in Nagpur city. Minor UGC 2010 2010 70,000/- 2012
57 of Sociology Dr. S. V. Lanjewar Sociological and psychological impact of domestic violence on girls and women: A sociological study. Minor UGC 2008 2008 67,000 2011
58 of Sociology Dr. S. V. Lanjewar Tele viewing pattern and modernization among working women Minor UGC 2008 2006 32,000 2006


 SN Department Investigator(s) Project Title Nature Agency Subm. Year Sanct. Year Total proposed / Sanct. amt. Compl. Year PDF
1 Chemistry Mrs. J.M.Moses Assessment of water quality for drinking and irrigation purposes and its bio-remediation:A case study of Kolar RIVER,Nagpur Dist,Maharashtra Minor UGC 2012 2013 75,000/-
2 Chemistry Dr S. George Electrowinning of copper and cadmium in glycerol medium to make morphological study and particle size analysis Minor UGC 2012 2013 70,000/-
3 Chemistry Dr H.M. Pande Photocatalytic degradation studies of some dyes �a green Technique Minor UGC 2012 2013 1,00,000/
4 Computer Science Dr. Abha S. Khandelwal Secured Remote Access to Automated Campus Network Minor UGC 2014 2015 3,15,000/- ---
5 English Ms. Pooja Swamy "A Room of their Own : Analysing Authority and Resistance through Gender in the works of Pakistani authors Kamila Shamsie and Muneeza Shamsie." Minor UGC 2015 80,000/-
6 Marathi Dr.Dhanraj R. Mane Sahitya Academy Puraskar Prapt Aatmacharitrancha Abhyas Minor UGC 2012 2013 50,000/-
7 Philosophy Dr.(Mrs) V.K.Kulkarni Bhagvatgitetil Tyagachi Kalpana Minor UGC 2015
8 Physics and Electronics Mrs. J. N. Christy Structural and electric magnetic properties of Zr-Ti substituted calcium nanostructure hexaferrites Minor UGC March 2015 March 2013 Rs.1,00,00
9 Political-Science Mrs. Alpana Vaidya Women Empowerment Through Local Self Government in India Minor UGC 2014 1,55,000/-
10 Psychology Dr. H. B. Yawalikar Quality of Life Reaction to Reaction to Frustration and Coping Strategy as a predictor of Psychosomatic Disorder. Minor UGC 2014 2012 1, 35,000/
11 Statistics Dr. Mrs. Vrinda Arvind Joglekar Do it yourself Statistical Activity Book for UG students of Statistics Minor UGC 2013 1,10,000/-
12 of Sociology Mr. S. Vijay Kumar A case study of surrogate mothers and their problems in Mumbai city Minor UGC 2014 2015 1,15,000/-
13 of Sociology Mr. A. I. Choudhary Ambedkar’s caste methodology Minor UGC 2014 2015 50,000/-
14 of Sociology Mr. M. R. Ghate Critical study of disputes free village campaign in Maharashtra and its disputes resolutions of marginal groups Minor UGC 2014 2015 1,30,000/-
15 of Sociology Dr. S. V. Lanjewar Galicha Vastitil Kishorvayin Mulinchya Sandharbhat Arogya vishayashyak Samashya Minor UGC 2014 2015 70,000/-

    Proposal Submitted:

 SN Department Investigator(s) Project Title Nature Agency Subm. Year Sanct. Year Total proposed / Sanct. amt. Compl. Year PDF
1 Botany Dr. Mousumi Bhowal Allelopathic potential of weeds: an approach for sustenance for agro ecosystems Major UGC 2014 ---- 19,45,520/ -----
2 Computer Science Dr. Abha S. Khandelwal Implementation of Computational Optimization Techniques to Design E-Commerce Framework Minor UGC 2010 ----- 88,500/-
3 Computer Science Dr. Mamta J Baheti To Design and Develop a Framework for Analysis of Students’ Academic Performance System Minor MHRD/UGC 2015
4 History Dr. (Mrs.) Anjali Andrew The History of Some Leading Christian Missionaries in India(47AD-1846AD) Minor UGC 2013 2010 52,000/- 2013
5 Physics and Electronics Dr. B.N. Mahalley Development of yttrium based phosphors for applications in solid state lightning and solar cells. Minor UGC 2015 5,00,000 (
6 Physics and Electronics Dr. B. N. Mahalley Investigation on structural, transport and optical properties of thin oxides cadmium on bulk cadmium. Minor UGC March 2008 2006 Rs. 1,00,0 2008
7 Physics and Electronics Madhav G. Raut Study of lifetime of photoluminescence materials using microcontroller and embedded system in Computer. Major UGC 2015 4,50,000 (
8 of Sociology Mr. R. R. Sinha A sociological study of child picker in Vidharbha region Maharashtra. Minor UGC 2015
9 of Sociology Dr. Premala Anil Kumar Crisis in cotton industry: A sociological study of handloom weavers Minor UGC 2015
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